Nerd Unemployed

Nerd Unemployed Ep.31 - Daniel McConnell

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Transmitting all the way from  the Space Needle, this week my guest is Daniel McConnell. The former gate keeper of Square Enix products is here to tell us his tale of how selling premium faucets can get you a job in the Video Game Industry. 

But also how Cosco Hotdogs are one way you get a job working for Microsoft! Now a Project Manager at Microsoft Studios, Daniel is liaison for 3rd party publishers with Xbox. His advice for hard work are and genuine passion for games should be a beacon for anyone listening!

After you give this a listen be sure to head on over to the YouTube page ( for a 30 more minutes of bonus content with Daniel McConnell!

Nerd Unemployed Ep. 30 - Matt Frary

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Nerd Unemployed woke up today and turned 30! So to celebrate we talk with PR Ninja Matt Frary! A man who at one time work for the forces of evil now works on the side of the angels! The man behind the man talks to us about how luck can play a role in getting a job in the industry, and how by not doing work and playing games can help you get a job with games.

Nerd Unemployed - Ep.29 Growing up Nerd

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This week Alfred Holz returns for his second appearance on the show! The two of us take a look at what it means to grow up as a nerd and how we appreciate our hobbies as we grow older.

Nerd Unemployed Ep. 28 - Talking Movies

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On this week podcast we go to the movies! Talking about the worst offshoot of the video game industry: Film Adaptations. Plus we start thinking about the games we would like to see as movies. Ever wonder what a Frogger movies might be like? Me too!

Nerd Unemployed Ep. 27 - Back into the swing of things

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After a long break, Episode 27 is about getting back into the swing of things. Max and I sit down and talk several topics some current some not so current. Ranging topics include: Piracy, Bethesda, YouTube Content ID, Beta's and Alpha's, and why we aren't playing games as much these days. 

All of which as it turns out is a conversation that is really about shaking the rust off, and getting back into podcasting! Nerd Unemployed is back!

Nerd Unemployed Ep.26 - Fighting Games of Yore

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It's a roundtable discussion this week as add new voice to the show. With special guest Maurice (aka Bloodburger), Max, and myself talk about what defines the fighting game genre.  We also talk about how we became introduced to the fighting game world and what we think the landscape may look like in the near future.

Nerd Unemployed Ep.25 - Thad Phillips

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Episode 25 is with Thad Phillips, an old friend from Square Enix QA. Thad and I met in the trenches of QA, but our friendship began as a rivalry in the fighting games of the day. Thad worked on some of the best games at Square and he talks about his excitement and what its like to spend upwards of six months on the same game. We also chat about where Thad wants to take his career in Video Games, and using his education in Psychology for game design.

Nerd Unemployed Ep.24 -Mat Kishimoto

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(Note: This episode was supposed to be 23, which is why I call it 23 at the beginning of the episode.)

Episode 24 is coming at you with words of wisdom from current Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series product manager Mat Kishimoto. Mat has found a sense of fulfillment in marketing and is energized by the FF and KH fanbase with each new game.

(Below: Mat the proffessional hype man! at the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Launch Event)

Big things on the horizon for Mat.

Nerd Unemployed Ep.23 - Crowd Source Funding

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This week is a little different as Max becomes co-host in this conversational episode of the show. Where we talk about crowd source funding for games as well as remakes and the international nature of games.

Find out what we think about Square Enix Collective, Mighty No.9, and remakes in this new episode.

Nerd Unemployed Ep.22 - Evin Major

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On this week's episode number 22 my guest is Evin Major. Evin comes from a different aspect of marketing with a brand partnership perspective. His road to marketing for video games brought him to Square Enix where he worked closely with our VP of marketing and got a bird's eye view of the business.

He will soon be working at Rockstar Games in New York where he has big projects ahead of him. But with the passion he has for games and the experience he now has from working in the games industry Evin has a lot of interesting things to say about working the business end of Video Games.